Samadhan Vyapaar

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  • Year End Process
  •       1) To create new financial year (2018-19) Follow the below process
    • a) Go to Tools -> New Financial Years
    • b) New window will open
    • c) Please check the current financial year (Ending 31-03-2018)
    • d) Please check the new financial year to be created (01-04-2018 To 31-03-2019)
    • e) Closing Balances & Closing Stock as on 31-03-2018 will be transferred by default. However you may transfer it again any time.
    • f) Click on Start Process button
    • g) On confirmation message, press Yes if all the information are correct.
    • h) After new year creation one message will appear to continue the process for Balance transfer, Press OK to continues
    • i) After successful completion of year end process the message will appear to login in the new financial year
  • Year End Process
  •       Please Note if you have created a series for separate voucher number and given Prefix
    i.e. SL/17- 18/001, do change the prefix first before you start making a voucher.

    Steps to Change the prefix from existing series.
    • a) Go to Master -> Series Master
    • b) New window will open
    • c) Press Search and select the series where you want to change prefix
    • d) Click the Edit button if the selected series is visible on the screen
    • e) Go to the particular Voucher in below table and change the prefix of your choice for new year.
    • f) Check the Display format.
    • g) Press save button and you are ready.
    • h) Please note if you have made any transaction in the series, it will not allow you to edit. First delete the transaction and change the series master.
    Steps to create New series for separate voucher
    • a) Go to Master -> Series Master
    • b) New window will open
    • c) Click New button
    • d) Enter Series name of your choice
    • e) Enter Prefix Text i.e. SL/18-19/
    • f) (Please note last 4 digit number will be added with the Prefix as continuous numbers)
    • g) Now click on the name of the voucher for which you want to create this series from the below box.
    • h) You will see the Prefix will appear In the Colum SeriesPrefix and next column will display format it will look like.
    • Note - Please wait for our next update for e-Way bill generation from the software.
# File Name Download Link
1 Samadhan Vyapaar Update                                   Download

Version : / File Ver :

# File Name Download Link
1 Samadhan Vyapaar 32 Bit (Full Setup) Download
2 Samadhan Vyapaar 64 Bit (Full Setup) Download
3 Samadhan Vyapaar 32 Bit Setup Download
4 Samadhan Vyapaar 64 Bit Setup Download
5 Samadhan Vyapaar Pre Requisites Download
6 SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU Download
7 SQLEXPR_x64_ENU Download
8 CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_4 Download
9 CRRuntime_64bit_13_0_4 Download
10 Samadhan Vyapaar Master Import Templates Download